MSMHS Core Values, Beliefs about Learning,
and Vision of the Graduate

Core Values - 
Environmental Stewardship
- We lead efforts to ensure the sustainability of our physical and social environment.

- We understand that both success and struggle are part of the learning process.  We persist through challenges and seek feedback to support our growth.


- We advocate and actively work to ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for every member of our diverse community. 

- We take action and build relationships that strengthen our school, local, and global communities. 

- We are responsible and accountable to ourselves and one another for maintaining a respectful, productive, safe, and supportive learning environment. 

Beliefs About Learning - 
We believe: 

- A growth mindset allows us to learn from our mistakes through feedback, support, and new learning;

- Strong relationships and a supportive school culture are foundational to successful teaching and learning;

- When we are accountable to the learning environment, we engage deeply with our learning and one another;  

- Individual ownership of our growth motivates us to lead our own learning;  

- Responsive instruction meets the academic, social-emotional, and cultural needs of each individual in the learning community;

- Learning accelerates through relevant opportunities that build on personal interests and fuel creativity through wonder, curiosity, and inquiry;

Vision of the MSMHS Graduate - 
MSMHS Graduates will employ the following skills to ensure sustainability and equity for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

Problem solving
MSMHS graduates will design and implement solutions to complex problems through:
- Thoughtful questioning
- Critical analysis of relevant and reliable evidence
- Flexible, creative, and strategic thinking
- Collaboration and interdependence

MSMHS graduates will communicate effectively by:
- Speaking and writing clearly, meaningfully, and with an understanding of audience and purpose
- Listening actively and openly
- Supporting claims with relevant and reliable evidence
- Conveying empathy, compassion, and understanding
- Advocating for self and others

Self-Directed Learning
MSMHS graduates will guide their own lifelong learning by:
- Persisting through challenges 
- Taking risks that enhance experience
- Accepting feedback and seeking support
- Appreciating challenges as opportunities for growth
- Cultivating curiosity, exploration, and wonder
- Building understanding of their own thinking through metacognition  
- Actively seeking diverse perspectives and experiences
- Using literacy skills to understand and navigate our world

Community Engagement:
MSMHS graduates will lead environmental and social stewardship, equity, and justice by:
- Maintaining awareness of the assets and challenges that shape communities
- Applying knowledge and skills to positively impact the real world
- Taking responsibility to advocate and act with integrity and conviction
- Modeling kindness, inclusion, and respect for all


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